The new Panotron solar module FIT 54

The most elegant in-roof solution
– now with even more power

There is no simpler, better or more effective way to harness the power of the sunshine. FIT 54 is an enhancement of the well-established Panotron solar module FIT. As the name suggests, the output per module is 54 Wp or 162 Wp/m2. The new system has an improved output – meaning more power which you can use for 1x longer surfing, washing, cooking, hearing, cooking or charging.

Take advantage of the benefits of the Panotron solar module FIT 54. No other photovoltaic system combines flexibility, aesthetics, power and simplicity at this level.

This roof generates power efficiently and yet remains balanced and attractive in appearance.

«More power over the same area – that’s FIT 54.»

Mathieu Juillerat, Head of Photovoltaics


7 reasons
why you should choose
the new Panotron solar module FIT 54

– Ultra-modern in-roof system
– More elegant than any other photovoltaic system
– Easier and more efficient installation
– No additional plumbing work
– Maximum flexibility (horizontal and vertical)
– Seamless interlocking of modules and tiles
– Developed and manufactured by a partner with over 100 years of roofing experience

Power Plus

The Panotron solar module FIT 54 consists of a glass module with a powder-coated, black aluminium frame comprising 10 monocrystalline 6” cells, each measuring 158.75 x 158.75 mm. Each module has an output of 54 Wp or 162 Wp/m2.
The cell efficiency level is 22.2%.

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Clever use for the power of the sun

Simple, attractive, efficient. Module FIT 54 and the clay roof tiles blend seamlessly together and make the system the most elegant of all the photovoltaic solutions. 1 module corresponds to precisely 4 tiles. It is classically fitted like a tile. There is no need for any extensive plumbing work.

Panotron solar module FIT 54 is compatible with the flat sliding tiles FS 03 (ZR), trough tiles
MS 95 (ZR) and smooth sliding tiles GS 20 (ZR). GS 20 is a new development from Gasser Ceramic. The pure design tile has the same dimensions as the FS 03 and MS 95.


Project: FIT for application

Ependes single-family home
When it comes to photovoltaics, aesthetics are always an issue. The environmentally-friendly and sustainable form of the power generation should be unobtrusive and blend into the environment as seamlessly as possible. The Gasser Ceramic FIT system supplies full energy – and it looks good too. Not to mention the simple and efficient installation and maximum flexibility.


  • 227 FIT solar modules
  • Flat sliding tiles FS03, black
  • Quantity of energy generated: 11,000 kWh p.a.

Want to find out more about the project?
The Gasser Ceramic Photovoltaik-Team is here for you.

«Because simple is simple»

Martin Muster is a fourth-generation master roofer. Unlike the generation before him, he has been greatly involved with solar power and is now a key photovoltaics contact partner for developers. As a professional, he values the Panotron system “because simple is simple”. Find out in the interview why he regards photovoltaics as the future technology of the present day and why the argument about photovoltaics being (still) too expensive is not valid.

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With the advent of photovoltaic solutions, roofing contractors have become central contacts for building owners in the realisation of their own roof power plant. One person who knows his way around is master roofer Martin Muster.

Martin Muster, why do you as a roofer rely on photovoltaics?
Quite clearly: Because of the production of our own electricity. As the owner of a photovoltaic system, you gain a great deal of independence and also do something good for the environment. The sun provides the energy – reliably, free of charge, without fuel, exhaust fumes or noise. In addition, the systems function almost autonomously – depending on their size with a battery, keyword electricity storage.

Many building owners say that photovoltaic systems are (still) too expensive …
That’s half-true. Photovoltaic systems are more expensive to manufacture, purchase and install than a classic roof, that’s true. But if you consider how much money can be saved later and that surplus electricity can be sold, the investment is definitely worthwhile. Within the framework of the Federal Government’s Energy Strategy 2050, various state subsidy programmes are also being implemented and, for example, one-off payments are being made for photovoltaic systems. In the best case scenario, the cantons and municipalities provide additional support for these projects. This support does not exist for a classic tiled roof.

Why should one work with these photovoltaic solutions?
Because it’s simply simple. There is no need for a special substructure or sheet metal connections. Solar tiles and solar modules are easy to install.

With the further development from Panotron FIT 45 to Panotron FIT 52, Gasser Ceramic makes the leap into a new performance league …
The market launch is dewy. I look forward to the first object. The FIT 52 brings us even closer to conventional solar modules in terms of performance. You could almost say: small and oh, so big.

Can the FIT solar module also be used in listed buildings?
Yes, fortunately. A really successful move by Gasser Ceramic. The FIT system is accepted by the preservation authorities because the individual modules are the same height as normal bricks. The aesthetics meet the requirements and are convincing from A to Z. A real alternative.

Catchword Smart Home: Is communication between roof and building services possible?
It should be possible, but we haven’t tried it ourselves yet. An interesting idea that will probably become increasingly important in the future.

What advice do you have when it comes to installing photovoltaic systems?
We recommend that the installation work be carried out by a professional roofer and not by an electrician. Our people are specially trained for the installation of photovoltaic systems and know exactly what they have to pay attention to. The quality is therefore guaranteed.

Martin Muster is a qualified master roofer and owner of Muster Bedachungen AG in Lyss, which he is managing in the fourth generation.


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