Combining the advantages of a clever photovoltaic solution with those of a classic tile roof: our PV products solar tile PAN 29 and solar module FIT 45. Innovatively designed, developed and manufactured with the greatest care, they meet the highest standards of technology, quality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Solarziegel Photovoltaik Gasser Ceramic
 PAN 29

PAN 29


Suitable for our  Solar-F (ZR) flat sliding tile; available in 8 colours

Our PAN 29 solar tile is a combination of a clay roof tile and photovoltaics. The output per module is 29 Wp. Hence the power output per m² of tiled roof is 87 Wp. For comparison purposes: A family of four consumes an average of between 3500 and 6000 kWh of electrical energy per year, for which 45 to 80 m2 of solar tiles are required.

Simple, convincing principle

A small solar module made up of monocrystalline cells that generates electricity is mounted on each complete clay roof tile without the need for any special fittings. The solar cables are laid under the cover, invisible and protected from direct sunlight. The finished product is a uniform, aesthetic roof landscape. That’s why our PAN 29 solar tile has been called “the aesthetic alternative to the traditional solar roof”.

Also suitable for structurally demanding roofing landscapes

Thanks to the flexibility of our Panotron solar tile, it is especially suitable for complex roofs with obstacles such as skylights, dormer windows, chimneys and oblique roof angles. It is a good solution for both new constructions and for replacing old roofs.

Easy to install

The installation is carried out simultaneously with the laying of the new clay tiles – without any additional tools. No holes are drilled in the clay tile roof and no other installation aids are used: the roof remains 100% sealed. No special ventilation for the solar tiles is required as rear ventilation ensures that clay tile roofs maintain a balanced roof climate at all times.

7 points that speak in favour of the PAN 29 solar tile

– efficient, aesthetically discreet system
– modular and expandable
– easy, quick installation
– roof remains completely accessible
– hail-resistant photovoltaic modules
– a genuine alternative to traditional photovoltaic solutions
– high subsidies for solar energy thanks to the roof-integrated system

The technical details, specifications as well as standards and warranty information are available in the technical data sheets in the download section.


FIT 45

FIT 45


Suitable for use with our FS03 (ZR) flat sliding tiles and the trough MS 95 (ZR) sliding tiles; available in 10 and 12 colours respectively

Our FIT 45 solar module is perfect for all those who want to achieve even more performance on compact surfaces. 1 module corresponds to the width of 4 tiles and has an output of 45 Wp. With 3 modules or 1 m² the output is 135 Wp/m² or 7.4 m²/kWp.

Simple installation

The Panotron FIT 45 solar module can be laid like a normal tile. The installation time is the same as that for a traditional tile.

Solarziegel FIT45 Gasser Ceramic
Photovoltaik Dachziegel Gasser Ceramic
7 points that speak in favour of the FIT 45 solar module

– outstanding performance
– swiss-engineered
– simple planning, simple installation
– possible to adjust colour and tiles
– horizontal and vertical flexibility
– finishes with tile instead of metal minimise costs
– free choice of inverter manufacturer

The technical details, specifications as well as standards and warranty information are available in the technical data sheets in the download section.




We are actively involved in addressing the subject of recycling and have set the course needed to meet the ambitious targets in relation to the sustainability of our products.  To ensure that the PV modules can be disposed of properly and, in particular, reused when they reach the end of their life cycle, we have joined the non-profit organisation PV CYCLE that is active in Europe.

The regional collection points accept our PV modules free of charge so they can be fully recycled. The financing for this comes in the form of an advance recycling fee charged for each PV module sold.

Photovoltaik Recycling Gasser Ceramic


Clay roof tile
TypePanotron Solar-F
Hail class4
cell typeMonocrystalline
output per m² tile surface87 Wp
Guaranteed output2-year product warranty
of the Wp output
after 10 years
of the Wp output
after 20 years
Impact resistanceHail up to 25 mm
at 23.1 m/s
TÜV certificationpursuant to IEC 61215
(application class A)
IEC 61730
(protection class ll)


Possible roof pitch17-60°
Ideal roof pitch25-35°
Ideal roof facingSE/SW
Snow guardTube snow guard
Additional roof load< 10 kg/m²
Roof frame
Counter battens≥ 4.5 x 5.0 cm
Batten width38.0 cm
Average covering width22.3 cm
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